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Are You A #FBNWDifferenceMaker?

September 04, 2017

#FBNWDifferenceMaker Regular People Doing Extraordinary Things For Others

FBNW is looking for regular people who are doing extraordinary things!

From the schoolteacher who uses her own money to make sure her students don’t go without breakfast, to the college student who volunteers at their local hospital - we want to highlight and thank those who are doing their part to spread positivity in the world. We refer to these amazing individuals as Difference Makers.

You don’t have to help thousands of people to be a Difference Maker - a Difference Maker is anyone who is doing something positive to impact people in need, or doing their part to help support a worthy cause/movement.

Our goal is to profile these Difference Makers in hopes to encourage and inspire those who think they can’t, don’t have time, or doubt that their contribution will make a difference.

If we each spend a little of our time to do something good for others, it'll start a ripple effect of more people wanting to do great things. We believe that everyone has a Difference Maker inside of them - it's time to realize your potential!




If you or someone you know is what we would call a Difference Maker, please submit your responses to the questions below for a chance to be featured.

Please answer in as much detail as possible and send your responses to differencemaker@fbnw.us subject line “FBNW Difference Maker Submission: Person’s Name

  1. Difference Maker’s name
  2. A little background on who you/this person is:
  3. What do you/the Difference Maker do to make a difference in the community?
    1. Describe the problem/issue being tackled
    2. Describe the activity in detail – what, where, how, when, how long has this been going on?
  4. Explain why you/the Difference Maker do what you do
    1. Why is this important to you/the Difference Maker?
    2. Why is it important to the person/people on the receiving end of your act
  5. What inspired you/the Difference Maker to take action?
  6. Describe the result from your/the Difference Maker’s actions
    1. How has this affected the recipient(s) life?
  7. Submit a short video (doesn’t have to be fancy) either explaining or showing what you/the Difference Maker does

Please share this with your friends and family so that we can discover more Difference Makers. We want to provide these guys with as much love and support for their efforts. Let's encourage them to keep going and through their actions they will motivate others to take action.

Thank you for submitting and thank you for being a Difference Maker.



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