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Happy Family Organics

December 19, 2017

FBNW x Happy Family

We are so HAPPY to be partnering with Happy Family Organics for our December FBNW Food Drop - pun intended.

I have to be honest with you, as a person without kids, Happy Family was not on my radar and understandably so. After our intern introduced the company to me, I did a little research to see if they would be a good fit for our kids at the Boys & Girls Club.


Happy Family offers a wide range of SUPER yummy and organic foods to help small, developing bodies, AND they’re also doing SUPER amazing things to help those in need.

But first, a little background on how the company came to be. Happy Family was founded by a mom named Shazi Visram. She was inspired to create the company after seeing her friend, a new mom, struggle to find healthy food options for her baby. Shazi wanted to create a company that offered organic, thoughtfully-made food, and to utilize this business to address health issues linked to childhood nutrition.    

Happy Family are innovators within their space. They were the first to offer organic baby food cereal with probiotics and DHA, the first to offer food in pouches as an alternative to glass jars, and the first to offer gluten free baby products. Shazi’s work earned her Ernst and Young’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year for New York’ award and she was also nominated by Babble as “one of the moms changing the world.”


In 2017 Happy Family was granted an exclusive distinction, a 2017 Best for the World: Changemakers Award by B Lab. This award is given to businesses that have gone above and beyond to make significant improvements in their business policies and standards. The company recently changed its corporate status to become a public benefit corporation (PBC) -this means that they have pledged to be a mission-driven company. Happy Family takes pride in providing the truest organic products possible in a transparent, socially and environmentally-conscious way.


Happy family partners with a long list of great organizations of which include: Allergy Kids Foundation, Healthy Child Healthy World, TACA, Autism Speaks, Feeding America, The New York Foundling, Recyclebank, Food Policy Action, March of Dimes, Just Label it!, One Step Closer, Only Organic, Cystinosis Research Foundation, March of Dimes, and Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.


They are huge supporters of Project Peanut Butter, an organization that helps feed children in Africa. The company has also made a sizable donation to the non-profit organization, The Small Things. This amazing organization based in Tanzania built the Happy Family Children’s Village, a place for orphaned and abandoned children.  


On the home front, Happy Family is helping parents feed their children organic foods packed with nutrients to help children during the most important years of development. Products from their baby line include organic formula, a variety of fruit and veg squeeze packs, probiotic baby cereal, wafers, puff snacks, rice cakes, yogurt and coconut treats. Products for tots include organic formula, super morning bowls, veggie snacks, multi-grain alphabet snacks, soft-baked oat bars, and a large variety of fruit and veggie squeeze packs. Products for kids include fruit & oat bars and happy squeeze fruit and veg packs.


All products are produced to Happy Family’s strict standards and guidelines - the company is committed to creating the best quality organic foods while utilizing sustainable farming practices. Check them out at your local grocer and give them a try.

*Note: we tried one of their fruit and veg squeeze packs out of curiosity and it passed the grown-up test on the flavor scale - two thumbs up!

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