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How To #liveforbetter

October 03, 2018

FBNW #liveforbetter tell us how you're living FOR BETTER

Over the years, we've had a good number of people ask us the meaning behind our name, FOR BETTER NOT WORSE. We've also heard people call us FOR BETTER OR WORSE, which is a super common mistake, so we're here to give you guys the full story.


About three years ago, Patricc was sitting in his bedroom/office contemplating on a name for his new clothing venture. He had just left his last company which he had dedicated 4 years of his life to, building it from the ground up from four employees to over ninety by the time he stepped away. As much as he loved his last company, he also had a strong desire to do something more with his life, something with more purpose. Patricc wanted to create a business that would benefit society, specifically children in need, in some shape or form.


Once he came up with the idea for the business, the name followed shortly after: FOR BETTER NOT WORSE. The name was a play on the wedding vow "for better or for worse." Patricc's spin on the phrase intentionally focuses on the positive, "for better." He wanted to come up with a name that would encourage others to focus on being better, doing better, living for better, and not to do anything that would otherwise hold you back from doing so.


Our mission is to make the world a better place through business, right now we are selling clothing and feeding children, but who knows where this will take us in the future! 


Your purchase allows us to help children in need live a better life, and we hope that it also makes your life a little better knowing that you've done something amazing. We encourage you to find ways to #liveforbetter on a daily basis. Find one thing that you can do that will make you a better person, something that you're doing to live your best life, or something that can help someone else #liveforbetter.


We'd love to hear your stories, so please make sure to #liveforbetter if you want to share what you've done today to live FOR BETTER.


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