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Sunrays: Leaving The World A Brighter Place

June 29, 2018

FBNW x Sunrays: July FBNW Food Drop Partner

There’s nothing that brings more joy to Patricc’s little heart than seeing a giant mound of small citrus fruits in the produce section - SCORE! IT’S MANDARIN ORANGE SEASON!!! And then there’s the lull where we go without but somehow manage to get by while counting down the days till the next season. But we just found out that our lives are about to get a little brighter, a whole lot sooner!


FBNW x Sunrays: July FBNW Food Drop Partner 


If you haven’t heard of Sunrays citrus before, you’re about to start noticing them a whole lot more at your local grocery stores. Sunrays mandarins are grown and sourced from around the world, which means that they are in season ALL YEAR-ROUND! Yes, this is a game changer for the FBNW household but we’re not just excited to share this tidbit of information for our sake, we’re happy to announce that Sunrays will be sponsoring the July FBNW Food Drop!


FBNW x Sunrays: July FBNW Food Drop Partner 


Here’s what you need to know about this sweet company. Sunrays farms are certified under the strictest global standards which ensures that they are focused on sustainability, and are committed to the health, safety, and welfare of all their workers. Not only are they good to their team, they also treat the environment with respect. All Sunrays packaging is 100% recyclable AND their mandarins are Non-GMO Project Verified!


FBNW x Sunrays: July FBNW Food Drop Partner 


But Sunrays is doing more than just supplying the nation with a healthy and delicious dose of vitamin C, they like us, are doing their part to help children in need through business. Sunrays “believe[s] that a brighter tomorrow starts with investing in our children, and that’s why [they are] a proud supporter of Save the Children.”


FBNW x Sunrays: July FBNW Food Drop Partner 


Since launching in June 2017, Sunrays has donated over $53,000 to Save the Children. These funds have helped develop Save the Children’s U.S. Early Education programs that are offered to children from low income families. Programs like these are so important because they help disadvantaged children catch up developmentally to children whose families have the means to prepare them for school. What does this mean long term for these children? It means that children are more likely to perform better in school, which encourages them to stay in school and stay out of trouble, which ultimately sets them up for a brighter future.


As you may know by now, after reading a few of our blog posts, the summer months are the hardest for children from food insecure households. Since school is not in session, these children who rely heavily on school subsidized meals are no longer guaranteed meals daily. FBNW hopes to one day (soon) be giving bags of groceries weekly across the nation so that no child will have to go to bed hungry. A big THANK YOU again to Sunrays for their support and for providing healthy snacks for the children at the Boys & Girls Club to take home this summer.


Stay tuned for photos and video footage from our July FBNW Food Drop next month.

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