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We Fought Hunger With Hunger #DayWithoutFood

by Fiona Chan |

On September 1st, we went 24 hours without food for our first annual FBNW #DayWithoutFood.



So how did we do? Well, Patricc and I accidentally went 28 hours without food because technically we had wrapped up dinner at 7PM the night before. By the time our zombie brains had done the math and realized this, it was 10PM Friday night. The 24 hours was more challenging than we had anticipated so the extra 4 hours didn’t help…


Our game plan that morning was to sleep in to minimize the hours of conscious suffering. For lunch, Patricc’s family who were staying with us had In-N-Out while we drank cups and cups of ice water. It was our first low point of the day but luckily, it was also Food Drop day at the Boys & Girls Club so that kept our minds distracted and our spirits high.



As the day progressed, our brains began to slowly shut down – literally. Everything was hazy. Our bodies felt weak from hunger but surprisingly our bellies weren’t hurting. The thought of food made our stomachs rumble from time to time but the biggest obstacle was the overall sluggishness. I have to be honest with you guys, there were some hangry moments (mostly me) but nothing serious – in the end we understood each other’s pain.


I feel that even though we went an entire day without food, it wasn’t a truly authentic experience. We always had the option to eat if we really needed to, we also had the promise of a hot meal to look forward to, but children from food insecure households have neither of those options.



Statistics show that children from food insecure households perform more poorly in school compared to their peers. Without adequate nutrients, children find it extremely difficult to concentrate and perform; their bodies may physically be in the classroom but their brains may not. This is the start of a vicious cycle of poverty – poor education tends to lead to poor decision making, as well as less options in the workforce and in life. To break the poverty cycle, we must first provide children nutritious food to perform at their best. Education is their key to a brighter future. That is why FBNW gives bags of groceries to children in need.




We want to thank everyone who shared their video updates and photo posts - you helped feed a child in need with your selfless act of kindness. For everyone who attempted to go the full 24 hours but didn’t succeed, thank you for your efforts and for supporting our movement! Please join us again next year on September 1st to help more children. We chose a few of our favorite posts from you guys and uploaded some video footage from our first #DayWithoutFood at The Boys & Girls Club (sorry for uploading the unedited version including full footage of Patricc dancing lol ) – enjoy!




In case you guys are curious what we had as our first meal that night, we each inhaled a bowl of ramen – it was one of the best meals we’ve ever had! Thanks Postmates delivery man!

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